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Thanks to Aladdin who rubbed the lamp, has given Genie his freedom which in return grants Aladdin his ultimate wishes. Genie is considered as one of the most iconic characters in Disney history. By his comedy acts and his massive physique, every man would love to get those into themselves, plus Genie is one cool, uhm Genie.  So in the character’s honor, this costume guide has been made for all fans to look like the Blue Wish Granter. Not only can you grab on the Genie Costume, you can even check the Genie’s T-shirts as well.

First the costume. You can wear it at the convention, or if you’re an awesome dad to surprise your kid on his/her birthday, become the Genie and grant their wishes.

Genie Costume

Men’s Disney Aladdin Genie Muscle Costume

Now if you’re a perfect Disney fanboy, these T-shirts will give you the distinct identity to look in that manner.

Genie T-Shirts

Aladdin Genie Faces Licensed Graphic T-Shirt
Aladdin Genie Often Imitated Never Duplicated T-shirt
Aladdin Genie Phenomenal Cosmic Power T-shirt

That’s all set and done. Even though he’s a wish granter for Aladdin, the character’s role was massive as without him Aladdin animated movie and series wouldn’t be fun.