Daredevil, known as one of the most popular television series of Marvel comics aired on Netflix, gave viewers loads of violence fights scene, awesome story lines, and some interesting Easter Eggs that mostly time is spent on researching which characters might show up in the show or perhaps in the next season.  In costume point of view, they totally changed it, making it 1000 times different than Ben Affleck’s version of Daredevil. Plus they took some references from comics that we never knew much about and that are how we got introduced to the Netflix Daredevil Costume in black before he wore-on the maroon version.

Daredevil Black Costume

Daredevil Black Costume

Matt Murdock, played by Charlie Cox has introduced this outfit in Season 1. Many wondered “With All Due Respect” even though he’s blind, how he managed to create a costume like that.  First of all, this is his Home-Made costume, which as mentioned in one of the episodes when he told Foggy that he brought them online. Now no further assumptions alright, he can read a newspaper or feels it “Come On”.

You can have one too. Simply as what Matt Murdock did, grab these online. Here are some simple steps to create a perfect Daredevil Black Costume.

Daredevil Season One Costume

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Daredevil Season 2 Costume

Daredevil Season Two Maroon Costume

We finally witnessed the proper maroon costume of Matt Murdock in the finale of Season 1, but in Season 2 we’ll get to see the most of it.  Here’s his smart move, he didn’t buy that outfit but got it done from a guy who stitches suits for Wilson Fisk. After knowing that his wife is in trouble, Matt Murdock promises that he will save his wife but first create him a suit. Seemed he got it done for free.

In the case of you grabbing a costume like his, you still have to buy from an online store anyhow. But to be real, this Daredevil Costume in maroon is simply amazing that should be grabbed immediately.

Daredevil Maroon Costume

Men’s Daredevil Cosplay Costume

Daredevil T-Shirts

Daredevil Tshirts

These collections of T-Shirts are just creative. All related to your favorite Daredevil.

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