A rabbit, known more cutely as a bunny, is one of the cutest creatures in the animal world. They look so adorable and soft that you just want to cuddle with them the whole day. Keeping them as pets is what every child desires. These fluffy animals not only make great pets but also costumes. Everyone wants to look cute in their outfits, and this is applied for guys too. This is how you can have a nice bunny costume to wear at any costume event.

Bunny Costume

Rabbit Mascot Costume
Available at Amazon: $69.59

Bunny Carrot

Carrot Stress Toy
Available at Amazon: $2.29

This rabbit costume is for men as well as for women. Also, it’s big enough to fit any size, just check it out when you click the link. It’s spacious and allows you to breathe in it easily, so there’s no chance of you passing out.

Bunny Pirate Tshirt

Bunny Pirate Flag Tee
Available at Amazon: $15.45

Bunny Hipster Women Tshirt

Rabbit Hipster T Shirt
Available at Amazon: $16.19

Bunny Funny Tshirt

Bunny Shadow Funny T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $17.99

Bunny Scarf

Rabbit Print Scarf
Available at Amazon: $10.99

Surely, you are going to nail the look of a rabbit in any costume party and earn compliments. Make this your 2016 outfit and be the best-looking character among the rest. If you need more simple guides, then check our Misc. category.