Batman V Superman Costumes – Choose Your Hero


We witnessed Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and we came across some certain characters. Many in this point have their vote whether Batman wins the fight against Superman, or either Superman wins the fight.  So now it’s time you really pick your side, by wearing either Batman Costume or Superman Costume. That’s what you can do. For ladies, you can go for Wonder Woman Costume. Easy to follow with these items given below:

Batman Costume

Batman New Logo

The man that Gotham deserves, not what they need, known for cape crusader named Batman. Without any gifted powers, just highly trained known for greatest heroes in DC Comics.

Batman Costume Clothing

Batman Acessories Costume

Batman Misc Costume

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Leather Jacket
Mens Gotham Boots
Batman The Dark Knight Batman Belt Adult
SeasonsTrading 48″ Black Cape
Men’s Arkham City Deluxe Batman Gloves
Adult Latex Batman Mask
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Cosplay Metal Bats Dart Signs Emblems

Superman Costume

Man Of Steel Logo

The last son of Krypton, Man Of Steel, is none other than Superman. Also as same like Batman, this considered as one of the greatest heroes in DC comics, but certainly gifted with alien powers.

Superman Costume

Superman Man of Steel Leather Jacket
Men’s Faux Blue Trouser
Adult Superhero Boots Hero-100
Red Cape ~ Halloween Costume Accessory

Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Logo

The Amazonian Princess, highly inspirational for women and one of the famous female hero in DC Comics is Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Clothing Costume

Wonder Woman Gear Costume

Wonder Woman Overbust Corset with Shorts Costume
Women’s Wonder-130 Knee-High Boot
Star Crown Costume
Wonder Woman Cuffs
Waist Belt Waistband Gold Tone for Woman
Shield And Sword Costume Accessory

Batman V Superman Clothing

Here’s something for you that you can try for casual events.

Batman V Superman Merchandise


Superman Man of Steel – Shield Men’s T-Shirt
Batman Dark Knight Logo Bat Fly Mens T-Shirt
Wonder Woman Jacket
Mens Batman vs Superman Leather Jacket

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