Batman – Your DIY Costume Guide


The Gotham’s Favored Son is now ready to give you the chance to get into his shadows of becoming the new Batman. This right here is the guide to create your own Batman Costume, using these items below. You can work them out easily, because it is not the costume you deserve, but the costume you need. Check it out.

Batman Costume

Batman Clothing Set

Batman Costume Set

Batman Leather Jacket
Men’s Rock Punk Quilted Chaparajos Pant
Batman The Dark Knight Rises Batman Belt
Men’s Halloween Gotham-100 Boot
Men’s Arkham City Deluxe Batman Gloves
Adult Batman Full Mask
SeasonsTrading 48″ Black Cape

Also check out these T-shirts of Batman below. Both for Men and Women.

Batman Casual T-Shirts

Batman Tshirts

Batman Dark Knight Logo Bat Fly Mens T-Shirt
Batman Classic Logo Crop Sleeve Fitted Juniors T-Shirt
Batman Juniors Logo Tee Black
Batman Yellow Logo Compression Shirt

These are all you need. You got yourself both for Costume and Casual purpose in Batman Style. Comment, and share as much as you can.