Fruit! Are you serious!? That’s going to be the reaction when you will this banana costume. Now that shouldn’t be taken in a negative way. After all, it’s one of the most commonly worn attire all over the world. So, dressing up in a banana costume is actually cool. It makes a great go-to or last minute costume idea. Below you will see various banana costumes that you can choose to wear on Halloween or other events. However, before that, you need to wear these things regardless of whichever suit you want.

Banana Black Inner Tshirt

Long Sleeve Tee
Available at Amazon: $5.65

Banana Black Inner Pant

Fleece Open-Bottom Pant
Available at Amazon: $8.25

Banana Black Shoes

Fashion Sneaker
Available at Amazon: $75

And here is your options to pick the best banana costume.

Banana Lightweight Costume

Lightweight Banana Costume
Available at Amazon: $14.44

Banana Rasta Costume

Rasta Banana
Available at Amazon: $32.41

Banana Peeled Costume

Peeled Banana Adult
Available at Amazon: $17.21

They do look interesting and fun. So if you liked it just by looking at it then think how you would feel if you dressed in it. The black shirt and pant will give you a neater look to your attire. Three different costumes, three different styles but one outcome, perfection.

Banana Velvet Tshirt

Banana T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $10.60

Banana Hooligans Tshirt

Banksy T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $19.49

Banana Blouse

Banana Printing T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $10.60

That’s it for your banana Halloween costume. Keep visiting to find more and more DIY guides like this one as we take these commonly worn items to the next level. There are fruits, animals, and whatnot, so keep checking out Costumehype.com.