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Green Arrow – Your DIY Costume Guide


The famous archer we know from DC Comics is none other than the Arrow, which the character’s popularity increased due to the television series, thanks to Stephen Amell. In the series we have observed the costume that many fans have always been a great follower to it. So now this time instead of you guys being the followers, start making the Arrow Costume your own. How’s that going to happen? Follow this DIY Guide and you’ll know how to get your hands onto the Arrow’s outfit.

There are two, first when he started his vigilante journey by the name of “Arrow”.

The Arrow Costume


Here are The Arrow Costume items:

Arrow Season Clothing

Stephen Amell Arrow Jacket
Men’s Fleece Lined Ski Pant
Green Arrow Boots
Deerskin Leather Mens Gloves


Now comes the Second, which in Season 4 he proclaimed the Star City to be referred as The Green Arrow.

The Green Arrow Costume

Arrow -- Image Number: ARR_S4_FIRST_LOOK_V4 -- Pictured: Stephen Amell as The Arrow -- Photo: -- JSquared Photography/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

And the items below:

Green Arrow Outfit

Green Hooded Vest
Men’s Fleece Lined Ski Pant
Green Arrow Black Boots
Men’s Hard Knuckle Full Finger Military Gear Tactical Gloves

Arrow Essential Items

Don’t forget these. How can you become The Arrow or The Green Arrow without these?

Arrow Imp Items

Arrow Mask
Martin XR Recurve Bow
Green Fiberglass Arrow Shaft

That’s all you need to become the new Green Masked Vigilante. Comment and share with all. There are some Batman V Superman Jacket available, which is sad that The Green Arrow won’t appear in Dawn Of Justice, but you know darn well how popular the Arrow television series is, especially the outfits.